Sunday, November 4, 2012

Disney's your daddy! Lucasfilm, and it's properties: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and ILM all aquired by Disney

In a historical move that nobody saw coming, last Tuesday, Disney bought the rights to Lucasfilm and all of its properties directly from George Lucas for $4 billion. Lucas will also retain shares of the company as well. Lucas also will have some input in future films but will not have full creative control... and he will NOT be directing the announced upcoming episodes VII-X, which are set to release in 2015, 2017, and 2019. Kathleen Kennedy, who has produced many, many Spielberg films from as far back as ET all the way to Lincoln has has been appointed as the president of Lucasfilm (she also produced the Back to the Future and Goonies movies and many more genre classics... and Tiny Toons!).

George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy discuss the future of Star Wars

No word on a director for any upcoming Star Wars movies yet, but Marketsaw 3D has a "trusted source" that seems to point to the following directors being in the running:

From Marketsaw: (read the article)
Steven Speilberg, who may actually get to direct his episode of STARWARS after all.

- Neil Blomkamp, District 9, Elysium.

- Alfonso CuarĂ³n, Children of Men, Gravity (which is a masterpiece by the way) When I was told this name, I said that's the guy.

- Matthew Vaughn. Kick Ass, First Class.

- Darren Arnofsky, The Fountain, Noah. (very popular candidate) and has been for a while.

- Joss Whedon. Serenity, The Avengers. That could work as Joss is currently overseeing Marvels next onslaught under the Disney Banner, but don't hold your breath for a directing gig for many years down the line. He may well have his part to play though ;-)  
 Now, I am/was a huge fan of the original trilogy. The prequels have in my opinion, taken much of the soul away from the originals, especially with all of the alterations that they (originals) have endured in the process. Some people keep saying that they are (were) Lucas's movies and he can do with them what he darn well pleases. Well, He sure couldn't have just just made $4 billion without an audience that supported him and if the quality of the originals was on par with the prequels, I HIGHLY doubt that there would have been even a second film made, let alone a trio of prequels. In my opinion, the only reason the the prequels did so well financially is because of the footsteps that they walked in. I think that the vast majority of people out there would back me on that too. Anyway, I have been wanting to see what a Spielberg Star Wars movie could be like ever since I can remember and I think Joss Whedon would  make a terrific follow-up movie. Avengers caught a lot of people off guard because the movie just stays true to some forgotten '80s formula where summer action movies can just be fun and intelligent without having to try to be all emo or overly complex just for the sake of it. There is a purity there that would just ring true with a movie set in the Star Wars universe. Not on the list, I have also heard Brad Bird's (Iron Giant, The Incredibles, MI: Ghost Protocol) name thrown around and he would also possibly make a good choice. Either way, this is looking to be interesting and already has the feel of being put back on the right track, even if little is known.

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