Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WB's slate for 2012 previewed at CinemaCon

Clips from The Hobbit, The Dark Night Rises, The Great Gatsby, and The Campaign were shown at CinemaCon.

Since I did not go there myself, I will direct you to a nice summary from ComingSoon.net.

The Cabin in the Woods Review

Part Friday the 13th and part Rosemary's Baby / The Wicker Man, The Cabin in the Woods is 2 different concepts blended together with each genre true to its roots... but that is also to its fault. Without giving too much away, the hook is the teens-in-a-cabin slasher film and as the trailer for the movie suggests, the other involves folks in the control room. The movie goes back and forth between these two worlds and very gently lets you in on the greater plot line a little bit at a time. Eventually, the worlds collide in ways that you aren't expecting.